Iot Based Virtual Doctor Robot

Abstract - Doctors are usually required to work in all hospitals and emergency centers. But not all doctors are available everywhere when needed. The problem with video calling is that you have to make the video call from your desktop or laptop computer. This limits the doctor's ability to freely observe the patient's environment and the operating room and move around the room if necessary. To solve this problem, we have developed a virtual doctor robot that allows doctors to virtually move freely in remote locations and even talk to people in remote locations if needed. This strategy can also be applied in places where medical services are not readily available. Adopting this strategy in these areas will not only help with health emergencies, epidemics and pandemics like COVID-19, but also improve survival rates. Our entire system is controlled and monitored by microcontrollers and the Internet of Things. The system uses a four-wheeled robotic vehicle to facilitate navigation. The robot is also equipped with a circuit control box, a holder to hold a mobile phone or tablet, and a medicine drawer controlled by a controller that also acts as a medicine delivery system. The system is also implemented by connecting the microcontroller to various sensors such as heart rate sensor and temperature sensor that measures parameters such as breathing rate, heart rate and body temperature, so the system can also be used as a health monitoring system. called.


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