The main aim of the project is to Design and develop a system that can take the command from the user using his head movements and move the mouse of the PC. In this project we are using the accelerometer. This has the micro controller interface as shown in the block diagram below.

 Initially the user has to mount the same on his head, when the user moves the head front the mouse pointer will move up
and if he gets his head in the normal position it will stop and similarly if he moves the head back wards the mouse pointer will
move down and when he moves left and right the pointer will move in the left and right directions respectively. This data is
then decoded by the micro controller and will send the data in the wireless mode using the RF TX.
At the other end the RF RX will read the data and then the micro controller will drive the mouse using the controller, which is connected to the USB port of the PC. The software is developed and tested using the embedded C language and the robot is fabricated using the AVR micro controller.

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