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Abstract of Advanced Switch Control System

The internet of things is the next step  towards  the  digitization  of  our  whole  real  world.  IoT  has     given us a platform where we can connect and control over radio waves through the internet and manually.  In the current  market  there  are  many  Internet  of Things  based  electronic devices that are already available. These many off devices are having certain limitations. We have made certain modifications to  these  existing electronic  boards.  The  ”Advanced Switch Control System” is able  to  control  appliances  through the internet  as  well  as  by  the manual switches. The modified "Advanced Switch Control  System"  adds  extra  features  to  the existing system while  retaining  its  existing features.  System will  work on internet  connectivity , by this it give remote access to appliance  also  ,it  will  work  on  without  internet  connectivity.  For easy use of system we will provide an android application where you can control the switching (ON/OFF) operation. This system have one more feature, it will show the  inner  room temperature  and  humidity  of room. Also you can use the system to  control  door  locks,  window  curtains,  water  pumps  and  much more. By using this system, you will get safety on working  appliances,  security  for the house, convenience to control everything, save the time and save the money.


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